The Beguiling Catalyst

Travelling, experiencing seeing. Do we dare to step out and discover the world? Some people do and some just need inspiration to get courage.

These are the memories of Balthazar. An aged man who is traveling to see one more time the woman who inspired him to stepped out the door and adventure life and seek purpose. She has been absent from most of his life but she still dances in his dreams. Where is she now? Why did she never went back to him? Photographer:  Emanuel Galimberti

Here are the links of all the Installments

Part I

Installment I.

Installment II. The Flower City

Installment III. The Serpent Girl

Installment IV. Gray Eyed Man

Installment V. The Six-Edge Cathedral

Installment VI. Ephemeral

Part II

Installment I. White

Installment II. Glinting Pond

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